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Get Out Of Your Own Way POEM

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

I realized over the years I had to rearrange

Some things in my life so that I would see change

I had to cut off a long time friend

He didn’t see it coming….I never thought it would end

Ever since I could remember he was always by my side

No matter where I went he always took a ride

Doing our thing together we had so much fun……so I thought

Never thinking about the pain to those we wronged it brought

Didn’t matter what we did didn’t care if we got caught

Because if we did….well it was always somebody else’s fault

Never dawned on me the trouble we were in

If he wasn’t following me then I was following him

Whatever I did good he took the credit for

Then I came to myself and said that was the last straw

Our relationship is over…. we’re finished….no more

As I graciously escorted him to the door

What a weight off my shoulders now I finally see

As he walked away he looked back and I waved goodbye….To the OLD ME.



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