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POEM WEEK! Real Love?

WHAT IS IT? And how do you define?

Something so potent and powerful, it controls body and mind.

It dulls the senses and puts you in a daze for days that end up turning into weeks.

It effects the way you respond and even betrays your speech.

Love can be a weapon or tool, it depends on how you use it.

God commanded us to love each other, but let’s be truthful, do we REALLY do it?

We find every excuse, get stuck and refuse to budge.

Tell me what kind of love does nothing but criticize and judge?

Love is supposed to be genuine and give you it’s last.

It looks forward to the future, not back at your past.

Love allows you to evaluate and rearrange.

So you can take a look and see what inside YOU needs to change.

Yes you, me, we, all of us. No need to look any further, this is where it starts.

You can find love on a two way street….REALLY? Well is it in your heart?

REAL LOVE will abide in every command.

It’s polite-“have my seat”,” don’t worry I will stand”.

It’s considerate of others, it won’t steal or cheat.

It will get slapped in the face and turn the other cheek.

It’s not proud or puffed up and will never leave you alone.

It will make you cry like a baby when you are fully grown.

Just when you think you’ve had enough and you say this IS IT.

Love engulfs you with a warm embrace and it will not let you quit.

REAL LOVE will take ALL that you have….the ignorant, the crazy, the frustrated, the mad

The persecuted, the liar, the thief

The helpless, the homeless, those above and beneath

Those who make promises then break them, OH they ran and hid.

Love will stay and take away every hurt and pain…and that is EXACTLY what HIS LOVE did.



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